Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#90)

24 slightly used tapered candles wrapped in cellophane.
Two loaves of freshly baked whole wheat bread.
A canvas bag containing books.
A bottle of water.
A u-lock.
A cable lock.


Anonymous said…
Was it raining a bit that day? Kudos to you for riding anyway.

Andy in Germany, on but Blogger hates open ID
Joe said…
Hi Andy,
Yes, it was raining the day of this photo. I only had to go a short distance and it was only drizzling. I actually don't mind getting wet if I'm on my way home (which I was) where I know there are dry clothes waiting for me. Thanks for reading.
Premodern Bloke said…
I like the look of that bag on the front. It reminds me a bit of those military bikes that you posted about.