The Usefulness of Long Tail Bikes

Long tail bikes (or, bikes with extended rear cargo areas) are becoming increasingly popular these days...and rightly so...the load capacity is truly amazing. Click here to see reviews of some of the bikes that are currently available.

If you've read this blog before, or even if it is your first time, you know that I own a Yuba Mundo...probably the heaviest built long tail on the carries a lot but is not designed for long distances: it is simply too heavy. But I love the bike is one of my most often used bikes...and yes, I said bikes (opposed to bike)...I'm a little embarrassed by how many I own (six, but I'm thinking of selling or donating a few because I really only use three). And when I see the following slide show I get even more embarrassed...I mean, really. Sometimes I get all self righteous about riding bikes more than I drive but the question is this: If I live in a 1.5 person household (my son lives with me half-time) but I own six bikes, am I any better than the house that has three SUVs in their driveway?

Bikes in certain developing countries are often used not because they want to be "green" (and am I the only one sick of this word/color being thrown around like it still means anything)...but because that's what they have...I on the other hand can ride my bike if I choose to or not...if it's raining, for example (my least favorite element to ride in), I can drive. Anyhow, I'll get off my little soapbox (and self-reflect for a few moments). Here's a slide show from Workbike...who was either inspired by the Yuba or Yuba was inspired by them...none-the-less, it's a good (and short) slide show/ reminds me that there is hope. Click here to visit the Worldbike website.

Worldbike Slideshow: Bicycles as a tool for Development from Ross Evans on Vimeo.


Jim said…

There is a problem with the hyperlink to worldbike. 404 error...
Found it anyway, but thought you might want to know.

What a great organisation worldbike is.
David Anderson said…
As a fellow almost-too-many-bikes owner (the fourth one is coming soon), I understand where you're coming from. I ride my Xtra to work every day (only 7 miles or so), ride the single-speed a few times a week for fun, and hop on the folding bike for short runs around town. I'm putting studded winter tires on the fourth for when the roads are too slick/icy for the other bikes.
Joe said…
Hi Jim,

Thanks for letting me know about the dead should be working fine now.
As a fellow owner of too many bikes, I can say this- it's OK. If you ride them, then there is nothing to worry about. My Batavus is way too much bike for riding to a bar for a few beers with friends. Leaving it parked at night in sketchy neighborhoods makes me nervous and I don't enjoy myself as much, so I have my mixte for those moments. Neither of those is good for trail riding so I have my MTB for that. When I am out photographing bicycle events I need my hands so I have a 3 speed with coaster brakes to keep my hands free.

All of my bikes, plus my husbands multiple rides and the bikes for my three kids still leave room in my garage for 2 kayaks and 2 motorcycles plus assorted camping gear, ski stuff and tools. My neighbor's 4 cars take up 100 feet of parking space on the street in front of my home (the "nice"5th car in in their garage).