Delicious Taco/Burrito Filling

I made tacos for my son and I the last night...this is a basic meat filling that is thickened (and stretched) with cornmeal. It can be made with pork or beef (or other meats, I suppose), and this is how I made ours.

I started with a couple of pork chops, which I had in the freezer. I first thawed, then boned them.

I chopped the meat, then diced and onion and a couple cloves of garlic and minced it right into the meat.

After heating a skillet with olive oil, I added the meat mixture and cooked it until it just began to brown.

Then I added a little smoked chipotle chili, along with cumin, chili powder, and salt. After sauteing it for a couple of minutes I added just enough water to almost cover the meat. When the water boiled (which was almost immediately) I dusted the pan with cornmeal to form a sort of masa.

I simmered and stirred the ingredients until the cornmeal absorbed the liquid and flavors, then repeated the process (almost in the same way you might may a risotto. I added the cornmeal for both flavor and texture, but this is also a great way to "stretch" meat...meaning, make a small amount of meat go a little further.

I filled the tacos with crisp radicchio and sharp cheddar, and topped it with plain yogurt (instead of sour cream), salsa, and a liberal dousing of sriracha...sort of eclectic, but man were they good.