The Impossible Journey

This is an interesting 8 minute clip, and it correlates with my previous post. It's a short story of an artist named John Bonner who is attempting to commute from the North Shore (a Boston suburb) into Boston. The author does this with a sort of dry, tongue-in-cheek sort of's rather entertaining. I originally found this clip at Commute By Bike; here's a link to John Bonner's Site.

The Impossible Journey from John Bonner on Vimeo.


Anonymous said…
I love this video clip!!! Hilarious! I hope it is now shown to the planning committees for such roads.

Love your blog.

From Australia
John in NH said…
west of Boston is typically ok, Cambridge area. But man north is a royal mess, if you are in anything less than a car and even then!!! its literally the worst concert jungle I have ever seen. you are lucky if there are side-walks let alone a shoulder and forget about bike lanes. it obviously can be done, but i would be more likely to fit pontoons and a propeller then go all the way around. we got a ways to go for sure...