Julia's Chickens

I came across this short clip tonight (it's only about 90 seconds) and it is somewhat hilarious...when she begins talking she is so excited about what she's doing it seems she can barely contain herself. But as funny as it is there is no questioning Julia's knowledge or ability...she was a professional cook (not a chef...she even admitted that) but also an entertainer. And in the few seconds you'll veiw her what she says still rings true today (almost more so)...what's wronge with simply roasting a chicken?

While I was in a hotel room this past weekend I watched the Food Channel for a while (cable tv is always a treat for me in hotels as I do not have it at home). And as I watched I couldn't help but think of what crap it mostly was. What's the deal with Iron Chef and all the other competition-type shows...doesn't anyone have informative cooking shows anymore? It sort of made me think of when MTV actually aired music videos (all the time). Anyhow, this is a great short clip...It should make you laugh, it did to me.

Here's a little trivia that has nothing to do with this blog (sort of) and you may already know this: the very first music video that MTV aired was Video Killed The Radio Star, by the Buggles...somewhat apropos no doubt...to see that video, click here.