Things That Can Be Carried On A bike (#92)

Even I'll admit that this is an odd combination of items carried on a bike:

Two plastic soda crates.
A metal garbage can.
The book, Strength in the Storm, by Eknath Easwaren
A case of wine.
A new toilet seat.
An extra jacket.
A small can of wood hardener.
Extra bungee cords.
A u-lock.
An extra-long cable lock.
A bottle of water.


Premodern Bloke said…
That certainly is an eclectic mix!

I have nagging feeling that the wood hardener might mean that you are dealing with some wood rot. I used some myself this afternoon.

....moth and rust doth corrupt....and all that.
Joe said…
Yup...rotten wood on the front porch...trying to fortify it for another Buffalo winter (replacement is inevitable.