Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#97)

A cardboard box that fits perfectly on the rear deck.

The box originally contained frozen pork loins that I had delivered to my place of employment. When I saw it's oblong shape I knew that it would fit perfectly on the Yuba so I brought it home to use for future shopping trips...I do this somewhat often, actually (though not with such appropriately shaped boxes)...I'll bring a box or crate with me on the Yuba and actually bring it into the store...If what I'm buying doesn't fit in the box I don't purchase it. A simple solution to keep purchases down.


Andy in Germany said…
I like that idea. One issue with Xtracycles and Bakfietsen (and I gueaa a Yuba) is tha you can ge carried away because you know you can get almost anything home. Your system sounds cheaper.

(exits muttering about containers)