Two Days Left

Two days left to answer the helmet question (to read the original post, click here). The poll is on the left sidebar. Thanks, by-the-way, to those who already polled or left comments...I'll disclose my decision when the poll closes...But I really am interested in how other cyclists feel about this.


Premodern Bloke said…
I used to wear one until fairly recently. In fact, I have had the same helmet (Bell Biker) since the late 1970's. I simply don't like wearing one. It is not that I particularly mind how they look, and I have tried newer ones, none of which were more comfortable.

First, the risk is very low that and adult bicyclist will actually be in an accident, and if one is in an accident, the probability of landing on the head is quite low.

As a kid, I, nor anyone else that I knew wore a helmet and I knew of no one who was ever hurt...... and we were rather imprudent in some of our bicycle antics.

However, if one feels more secure with it on, then I would wear it. I do think that they offer protection on some rare occasions.