Crazy Vertical Indoor Racetrack Thing

Is it just me or does this look insane?

No helmets or padding. Fixed gears; no brakes (click the image for a larger view). Imagine if one would fall (they probably all would). Look at the guy in the rear riding high on the rim. How, I wonder, did they begin (to get enough centrifugal force to get vertical), and more importantly, how did they stop gracefully.


John in NH said…
see once you get going you can never stop. Kinda like the old song, Charlie and the MTA he could never return ;)

amazing feat none the less
Bikejuju said…
I love it! What's the source of the photo?
Joe said…

TO be honost I can't remember what the photo source was...probably a google image search for "antique bikes"...but really not sure.