NYC: A Bicyclist's Metropolis

This past summer I was on holiday in New York City for a few days with my son. I hadn't been there in a little over a year and was surprised at how many more bicycles I saw and how bike-friendly the city had become (I posted about it here). Anyhow, I came across the above chart at the blog, A Practical Cyclist (thanks Robert!), and it confirms my thoughts that there truly are many more cyclists in America's Largest City. Much of this is in part to the city itself pushing to use bikes as a more logical way to get around it's tightly packed and automobile-clogged corridors. Click here to go to the NYCDOT (bicycle) page and read more about's enough to make an urban cyclist living in a medium-sized rust-belt city drool (umm...that would be me). Way to go NYC...much of the rest of the country should use you as an example.