Sometimes Only Vegetables Will Do

While I do not eat a great deal of meat I am far from a vegetarian...but sometimes I just crave vegetables...yesterday was one of those times. I made this delicious vegetable stew with enough leftover to eat a second day and freeze some as well. It is so simple to make...basically like a chunky soup but with only enough broth to just cover the vegetables. I seasoned it with Thai curry paste, lots of garlic, turmeric, and fresh lemon...the aroma was/is intoxicating. Here it is in photos:


Suzy said…
OMG I want some of that! I can smell/taste it just from your pics!!
Sally said…
The stew looks great! Do you use a zip lock or container to freeze it? Thanks for the post. Sally
Joe said…
Hi Sally,
I froze it in plastic containers.