Things That Can Be Carried (or pulled) On A Bike (#111)

A covered trailer.
$46.12 in groceries.
A gym bag full of wet clothes.

I took my old Trek (AKA, the mule) out for a spin today with my BikeRev trailer...getting ready for the snowy season. During the summer months (or should I say non-snowy months) I've been riding the Yuba and Dahon as my everyday bikes, but during the winter I use the mule a lot...and fitted with a covered trailer it keeps things from getting wet and snowy.

The mule does need some work before the snow flies...derailleur adjustment (it's a new one...was replaced after the old one fell of during frigid January temperatures last year), and also new cables and brakes. It's a twenty-one speed (seven in the rear and three at the pedals), but I'm thinking about changing it to a seven gear by removing the front derailleur...I rarely use anything but seven gears and without the front derailleur I would be able to install a chain guard...I can't tell you how many pairs of pants I have with either oil stains on the right cuff or tears in the fabric. At-any-rate, it felt refreshing to ride the mule with it's trailer...different, but good.

Lastly...can you believe that is $46 in groceries?