Twenty Loaves of Two-Breads-in-One

Here's variation of a festive bread I often make around the holidays. It's really just a basic butter-and-egg bread dough recipe with the addition of other flavoring/coloring ingredients. In this case I mad one dough with the addition of roast red pepper puree and cheddar cheese, and another dough with the addition of spinach pesto and extra Parmesan cheese. Then I rolled them together to make a sort of spiral...the outcome is always somewhat dramatic. One difference I used from a standard straight-dough method is to use an overnight pre-ferment (click here); this gives the bread far more flavor and texture. At any rate, as with most the recipes I post here, this is an easy one and can also be adapted to your personal taste...the interchanging of flavors and ingredients are seemingly limitless. When I rolled the dough together I switched the pattern (as to which dough was on the inside and which was on the outside) to keep it interesting. The flavor of these breads are so incredible you don't even need butter (but that's still good) makes excellent toast and whatever you put between two slices makes an awesome sandwich.