Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#115)...and a few other comments

A canvas bag containing, among other things, 4 books, 2 DVDs, a datebook, a notebook, and a scarf.
A bottle of red wine.
A small loaf of whole wheat bread.
An extra long cable lock.

Tonight while I was pedaling home with the chilly winter-like air on my face I was admiring the full moon and thinking about my day and how I accomplished so much without starting my motorized vehicle. It's so easy, I thought, to get by most days without a car if you live in an urban environment (though I still rarely ride in the rain). And the benefits I receive are far greater than just saving gas money or burning it into the is as much a benefit to my mental and emotional health as it is my physical health and the environment in which I currently occupy. For me, riding is as much about enjoyment as it is functionality...getting from point A to Point B.

Here's an example of my day:

Ride to-and-from work: about a mile each way.
To the bookstore after work and then home: about 2.25 miles each way.
To-and-from the health club: about a mile each way.
To-and-from a meditation meeting this evening:about 2 miles each way.

All-in-all it only tallies up to be a little over 10 miles throughout the day...but in those ten miles I was outside in the elements and using my own energy to propel myself. I haven't moved my gas-powered vehicle in about 4 or 5 days, it sits with snow on it as I type these words, but I've pedaled myself through the city everyday. In short, I ride my bike(s) because I enjoy riding my bikes...all the other benefits (health, economic, and environmental) are simply bi-products.

A few months ago I posted the below video but thought I'd post it again...It could be me narrating it (it's not). It's less than a minute'll probably watch it more than once.


Premodern Bloke said…
Great poetic timing in the video. It does not reveal the symbolism of riding into the ocean well after one is truly scratching one's head about what is going on.

So yeah.....ride your bike because it is just good ole fashioned FUN.