Urban Simplicity Recipes @ Buffalo Spree

For years people have told me I need to promote myself more (why? is always my response). Maybe it's the whole "celebrity chef" thing (does anyone besides me see the oxymoronic irony in that phrase...to read a more lengthy article on my view of this click here). OK, sorry, I'll get off my little soapbox. Anyhow, if you are a local Buffalonian you may have read some of my article in various papers and magazines, particularly Buffalo Spree, which happens to be my favorite. This is an incredibly cool magazine about our region...and I'm not just say this because I've written for it for the past 10 or so years, or that I've known the editor for more than twice that long...it's because I really think it's a top rate magazine. Anyhow, and to get more to the point (and now here's the shameless self promotion), Buffalo Spree has just recently started hosting some of Urban Simplicity's blog posts on food (not to mention a data base of more than 150 recipes I've contributed to the magazine over the years). The section is entitled Consuming Passions (and will not be populated only by myself). I have included a permanent link to it in the food section of the side bar, but go to it from this post click here.