Bicycling As An Everyday Activity

This is a pretty good video about bicycle commuting that I found at Commute By Bike. I suppose it's a needed video...but I don't necessarily agree with everything it says. Like many articles and videos about bicycling they make it seem novel or like something out of the norm, when it doesn't have to be. But I suppose if the year was 1910 instead of 2010 (and the Internet existed) there would be YouTube clips of how to commute by car (or the horseless carriage, as it was originally called). The true irony is that the bicycle predates the car by many decades. And when they (in this video) offer suggestions on storing your bike none of the suggestions are to keep your bike(s) in your house, such as your front hall or even your living room (such as I do), making it easily accessible and as natural as reaching for your car keys when leaving the house. Nonetheless, if this gets more people on bikes then it's a good thing.