Brrr...'s cold out there today. When I woke this morning it was a mere 7F...we eventually had a balmy high temperature of 10F (-12c). I had some errands to run and originally thought of doing them by bike...then I thought about it again. Um...I don't think so. This is frostbite weather...I may be a little crazy but I am certainly not stupid. As I've gotten older I find that my hands and feet get cold much quicker than they used to. So after running my errands (in my truck) I spent most of the day home, heating the front of the house with my little wood burning stove (in front of which my two pugs have been lounging most of the day...they lay so close to it that it's a wonder their fur doesn't singe); the rear of the house was kept warm from the kitchen stove...baking bread and pizza. Click here for more pictures and a recipe (from an earlier post).