Curried Fish Chowder

Firstly I want to say that I called this a "chowder" but technically it is not; in order for a recipe to be a chowder--curried or not--it should include both a salted pork product (salt pork, bacon, or ham) and potatoes, this recipes has neither. Thus this is really a chunky version of a curried fish soup. Having that off my chest I'll also add that this is another example of how to make a really flavorful and nutritious meal out of what is at hand, which is how I most often cook at home. After looking in my teeny apartment-sized freezer, fridge, and pantry, I came up with the ingredients for this dish (I did have to walk to the corner store for a lemon...but it was such a beautiful evening).

The recipe for this dish follows the same basic premise of most soup/stew recipes: sweat the vegetables, then add the liquid and other ingredients. What sets this recipe apart from most soups is the addition of a spice mix; I called it curry but it is really a blending of spices I had on my spice rack (including curry powder). I also included loads of garlic and ginger. The one thing I wish I had (to finish the recipe) was cilantro, which would have been added right before I removed the pot from the heat.

Curry seems to be one of those flavorings where there is no in between, meaning you either love it or you hate it; thankfully I fall into the former category. But remember, as with most recipes, the flavorings and ingredients in this one are really up to you. This would, for example, be delicious without the spices and with the addition of a little ham or bacon...or just as a vegetable soup for that matter. The options are limitless and the choices are up to you. Anyhow, this is how I made mine (in photos); if you need an actual printed recipe (not mine), click here.