I Can See Clearly Now

Ok, this may seem silly, but for as long as I have been riding through bone-chilling Buffalo winters I have not worn any sort of eye protection...I can't tell you how many snow showers I've squinted through. I've seen other people biking with ski goggles and thought about that, but then the other day I was handed these simple clear safety glasses...all I can say is it was an eye-opening (yes I am aware of the pun) revelation. Riding home the day I received them I'm sure I was singing the old Johnny Nash song, I Can See Clearly Now. These simple glasses have changed the way I view winter cycling, literally and figuratively. Today when I left work (wearing the glasses) it was snowing out and I found myself instinctively squinting, trying to keep the snow out of my eyes...then I remembered and opened them wide. I truly can see clearly now; I recommend glasses/goggles to anyone who rides year-round.

Though the song has nothing to do with Urban Simplicity I thought it was appropriate to include it in this post for your listening/viewing pleasure. Here's Johnny Nash on the Midnight Special back in 1973...sometimes you forget who good those old songs are (what a voice!).


Dottie said…
Nice. I use the same eye protection during the winter. My eyes are wimps. Unfortunately, I can't see so clearly because my glasses are all scratched up, but I'm too cheap and lazy to replace them. We'll just say it's for environmental reasons, though - no need to send another pair of safety glasses to the landfill. :)