Is This Man For Real?

Now, I've recently been trying to be less judgemental than I have in the past...but this man pushes me right off the wagon. Is he for real? Does he actually believe what he he says it from the comfort of his upper-middle class American home. He should be ashamed.


Andy in Germany said…
Sadly, yes. But seriously, he's annoyed a lot of Christians as well who want nothing to do with his
Anonymous said…
Mmmmm... if in doubt blame the French and the devil... it would be funny - if 160 000 people hadn't lost their lives and millions face misery.
Perhaps rather, Haiti is in the state it is in because of the way we in the west live and exploit the rest of the world ?
What is sad is that there are so many people who think like this strange man out there.
More and more I see religion(s) as a negative force in this world, an excuse to say and do evil. And God help you if you go agains the flow and think differently.