It's Been Snowing...For Days

And days and days. It hasn't been really heavy snowfalls, just constant and light...if it were rain it would be mist. And with the frigid temperatures it has not melted on the streets, not even the main thoroughfares. It's been slow-going, that's for sure. Other than driving my truck today (had to deliver a used television set to a friend...would've been tough doing that on the Mundo in this snow) I've been riding through it...slowly. I've been employing my snow-biking method of putting a lot of my weight on the handlebars...this helps with steering, particularly on an unplowed side street. When I was leaving for work yesterday morning a neighbor was out shoveling his walkway. I said good morning to him as I was putting on my helmet. He stopped and looked over at me and says, "Ya know Joe, I'm really beginning to think that you have a mutant gene or something," and then he smiled. "Well Mike," I replied, "you are not the first person to imply this." Tonight, after returning home from my TV delivery, there was not a parking spot to be had for blocks around...I ended up parkin very near--too near--a bus stop two blocks away (there will probably be a ticket on my windshield). And as I trudged the two blocks home I couldn't help but think to myself how much more simple (not to mention fun) it would have been if I were on a bike.