The Mystery of the Fortune Cookie

The other night I ordered Chinese food. I don't necessarily enjoy the accompanying fortune cookies, but I always enjoy (or look forward to) what the wise saying or proverb will be that is tucked inside. They're often inspiring or cryptic messages such as, "you will live long and prosper," or "you are going to meet a mysterious stranger," or even "the path of life is unknown." But this is the one I received the other day..."you are going to have some new clothes." Huh? That's clothes? Maybe the fortune cookie shamanic scribe had the night off or something when this was printed. At first I felt ripped of (self-centered as I am I wanted my mystical bit of inspiration...some faux prophetic wisdom...a new and mysterious stranger). But the more I thought about it the more it actually made sense...I could use (and need) some new clothes. Maybe it is the little things.

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Suzy said…
Hahahahahahahaha--you ARE funny!
Joe said…
Thanks Suzy...not many people actually get my sense of humor.