Oh, the Irony

Well I never thought I'd be posting a short clip of a car commercial on this blog...but here I am doing just that. During another evening of being bombarded with auto commercials I found this one truly intriguing (but I ask again, where are the bike commercials).

A couple things about this commercial. Firstly, did you know that Kia company began by making bicycles, not cars? I surly didn't. But then again this doesn't surprise me because many of the roads, including their routes, markings, and traffic laws, were initially brought about for the bicycle, not the car. Also, is it just me or is the bicycle in this advertisement more enticing than the car?

Anyhow, not only am I posting a car commercial at this blog, but I'm actually encouraging you to watch it...oh, the irony! But when I watch this minute-long clip I see the bike, not the car.