On Bookstores

There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love, and like that colossal adventure it is an experience of great social import.
--Christopher Morley, On Visiting Bookshops

I Love bookstores...I have as long as I can remember. I'll go to the new fancy ones (you know the type I'm talking about...those with chain coffee shops in them), but my favorites are the independent bookstores, particularly those that sell used books. When I go to a large city it's often part of my itinerary to visit specific bookstores, such as The Strand, in NYC (which I visit every time I'm there), or the many used bookstores on Yonge Street in Toronto...and also Shakespeare and Company (which, unfortunately, I haven't visited in many years).

The above quote was by the American writer, Christopher Morley, in his essay, On Visiting Bookshops (click here the read his bio; click here to read the essay).

As much time that I spend on this stupid computer I do not believe that I will ever tire of my love of books...actual books, not electronic. Just this morning while listening to the radio I heard someone talking about trends for 2010 and one of them is (they predicted) is going to be the explosion of the electronic book (and electronic readers). I don't care how many libraries I can carry around with me in an Ipod, there is nothing like an actual book...my house is filled with them...they are, I believe, actually part of the decor. Anyhow, this evening I cam across the above quote by Mr. Morley...how appropriate, I thought, though it was written in 1920. And I couldn't agree more.