The Return of Winter

Over the weekend it had gotten so warm--nearly 50F--that most of any previous snow had melted. I'm glad it's gotten cold and snowy just didn't seem right having it that warm in January. We've had it pretty easy this winter; usually by now we're pummeled with multiple feet of snow (hope I didn't just jinx myself). Nonetheless, maybe it's all the global warming talk...I don't know. But I have truly been appreciating the cold and the snow this year. For some reason I have a new found appreciation of the seasons, all four of them. When I walk and ride bikes, opposed to driving, I'm exposed to the elements and am more aware of them, become part of them. I just snapped the above photo while taking out my trash (in my pajamas...a neighbor walking his dog looked at me sort of oddly..."Gonna post it on my blog," I said to him standing in the middle of the street in pajamas and bathrobe, "OK," he nervously replied, as he entered his house and locked the door behind him). The falling snow is beautiful.