Spam...Real and Virtual

A couple things. Firstly I haven't had Spam in over twenty years, the real kind, the one in the can (opposed to the virtual electronic type). And you're probably wondering why there is a large photo of it on a blog such as this. Well, when I was in culinary school my next oldest sister used to send me care packages (yes, you can get hungry in culinary school...everything costs money), and included in the box there were always cans of spam. Probably because it was cheap and it would travel well. A couple times my roommates and I actually roasted it with pineapple slices like a ham roast, as per the recipe on the back of the can. Once, and I can't believe I can actually remember this, we ended up getting so drunk while it was roasting that we burnt it in the oven (Paul, are you reading this?). Imagine that, a group of culinary students burning a spam loaf. Now on to the real meaning of this post.

I didn't know that it was possible until recently but I have been receiving spam comments on this blog. They first started showing up as sort of nonsensical paragraphs posted by someone who remained "anonymous." Then they started showing up more often; lately it has been daily, and now they have links attached (I have not clicked on a link as I assume they are malicious).I'm getting tired of manually deleting them.

Anyhow, to combat this I have disabled the ability to leave anonymous comments on this blog. My apologies to those who are legit and would like to remain anonymous. I totally understand, I have posted on blogs and chose to remain anonymous myself.

If anyone has another solution to this please let me know (has anyone else had this problem on their blog?).

Thank you, though, to those who read and post regularly.


2whls3spds said…
I have been fortunate and have only had a couple of spammer hit my blog, the key is to hit it early. Not allowing anyomous comments is one way another is to require comment moderation/approval. Also FWIW Wordpress seems to do a better job of catching it before it posts.

As for the "good" SPAM ;-)

Here is a recipe for Spam Bombs!

Spam Bombs
1 can SPAM, cut into 4 equal portions
1 can apple pie filling
1 can saurkraut
Cut eight squares of tin foil. On each, place one piece Spam.
Spoon apple pie filling over Spam, dividing equally.
Top the apples with the saurkraut. Oh, yes.
Cover with remaining squares of tin foil. Fold foil on all sides to create sealed packages, or "bombs".
Throw the bombs on a preheated grill, spam side down, and cook until heated through. Do not allow Spam to burn. That would be bad. Or good...
Serves 4

I have used cherry pie filling with decent results too. This was one of my kids favorite camping meals.

John in NH said…
well every once in awhile I do come across it, I have gotten a couple spam bots on my blog but mine is still very very new and does not get the hits that regester it on spam bot attack lists

anyway best protection if you wish to keep anonymous posting is

you have seen it, the text and numbers that are a picture and you have to enter them in to post, its very effective and I believe blooger has something that can allow this... I actually need to check.. but that's a good bet

on another note I have never had spam in my life and have no desire to :P
John in NH said…
oooo look at this I even found a handy how-to!!

best of luck ;)
Joe said…
Thanks for the link seems to be working (it wouldn't let me reply to your comments without entering the coded word)...I enabled anonymous again...we will see.

And also thanks Aaron for the recipe, it, enticing.

Anonymous said…
Well it is not me leaving the spam posts. A I recall it was referred to as the poor mans pate. I recall that we were banned form roasting spam on the third floor porch by the landlord for fear of burning down the castle called home.
Joe said…
Glad to see you're still out there Paul...the best part, I think was drinking Grande Marnier with the Spam Roast...but then again that's why we burnt it in the first place.