When I Grow Up...

Today I was talking with someone about mid-life crises, how I keep waiting for mine to kick in. They asked if I were going to buy a red sports car when it happens...nope, I said, I want a new cargo bike. Anyhow it got me to thinking about age and my own mortality...the next stage behind middle-age, I suppose, is old-age, an age I hope to approach with grace and dignity. Riding a bicycle, I believe, offers a dignity that sitting in a car seat cannot...but that's just my opinion. When I grow up I want to be an old man...and I should be so fortunate to have as much grace as this fellow. Twenty years from now maybe I'll finally publish my own photo...to mirror this one.

Image credit: Sustrans


I once asked someone how I would recognise the mid-life crisis when I comes. The answer was "when you start fancying 16 year old girls."
So, in that case, I had mine at the age of 12.
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