Amazing (and a little scary)

This is a 1-gig flash drive that one of my dogs mistook for a small chew toy. After I retrieved it from his mouth I looked at it a little closer. This teeny device is capable of holding 500,000 books. At a quick estimation I probably have about 1000 books in my house. The thought that they (and 500 times them) can fit in this teeny thing is both amazing and a little scary to me. And even more scary is that ten years from now (or much less) this flash drive will look like a cumbersome giant. I truly hope that books never entirely disappear.


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...and, probably, in ten years time you won't have the equipment to read those electronic books, because it will have long been obsolete and replaced. (Anyone got the kit to read a Sony Laser Disc? No. Didn't think so.)
But in ten years time, the paper books should still be readable. And without plugging them in. It's a good job that the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, The Domesday Book and so on were not created on electronic media...