Captcha, Spam Bombs, and the Return of Anonymity


In response to my chagrin of the previous post regarding removing the ability to comment anonymously, a fellow blogger and reader of this blog, John in NH, left me this link on how to install captcha, or word verification (thanks John!). I posting this in the event that you are a fellow blogger with the same comment spam problem that I had. I recommend this quick fix. So now as long as you are not a robot, or your comment is not computer generated, you are again able to leave comments on this blog anonymously.

And in response to the other type of Spam, the kind you eat instead of delete, Aaron at 2whls3spds left me the following interesting, albeit somewhat unusual recipe for "spam bombs" (thanks Aaron!). 

"I have used cherry pie filling with decent results too. This was one of my kids favorite camping meals," writes Aaron.

It's interesting how Spam (the food) has a sort of a cult status with cooks, especially campers (here's a site devoted to nothing but recipes highlighting the salty pressed meat in question). I haven't tried the Spam bomb recipe and probably will not...I've given up eating pressed meat in a can many years ago. But I thought it was interesting and thought I'd share it. If anyone tries it please let me know the outcome.

Spam Bombs
1 can SPAM, cut into 4 equal portions
1 can apple pie filling
1 can saurkraut
Cut eight squares of tin foil. On each, place one piece Spam.
Spoon apple pie filling over Spam, dividing equally.
Top the apples with the saurkraut. Oh, yes.
Cover with remaining squares of tin foil. Fold foil on all sides to create sealed packages, or "bombs".
Throw the bombs on a preheated grill, spam side down, and cook until heated through. Do not allow Spam to burn. That would be bad. Or good...
Serves 4 

I've also heard that that there is even such a thing as Spam sushi (or more specifically, Musubi), which is popular in Hawaii..well, here you go. Mmm..mmm!

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