Kids Can Say The Darnedest Things


It snowed today, but that's not unusual for this time of year. It was also cold, but that's not unusual either. But here's a quick story that is. Or if not unusual it's at least rather funny...sort of

I rode the Mundo to the health club this evening for a steam and a swim. The facility is also a family center which has an after school program. And often when I (and many) arrive shortly before the dinner hour for a quick workout parents are there picking up their's often a bustling time with a lot of coming and going. In fact, I'm usually glad that I ride a bike for the simple reason that (car) parking spaces are difficult to come by at that time.

Anyhow, as I'm coasting up to the building on the Mundo in a mild snow shower there is a parent coming out the door with a young boy in tow. Upon seeing me his eyes became as big as saucers and he holds up his hand, points at me, and shrills rather loudly, "Look mommy, there's a crazy man riding a bike in the snow!" People stared; his mom looked horrified; I just smiled as I locked up my bike.

I will admit I sometimes wonder if I'm not a little crazy for riding year round (why can't I be more like "normal people," I sometimes wonder, and drive a car more often). But then I remember how much more I enjoy riding a bike, being out in the elements and propelling myself. What bothered me the most about the comment, I think, is that the adults probably think I'm a little nuts, too (I can't tell you how many times people say things like, "man, you're really hardcore"). But all I'm doing is riding a bike. In many other countries a huge percentage of their population rides year's just how it is; it makes the most sense. But here (in America), unfortunately, you're seen as an oddball.

The best part I think is that kids say what they think; they do not yet have a societal filter ingrained in them like adults. But I always have liked to live on the fringe, so yes little boy, I am a little crazy...but crazy in a good way, I believe.


Jim said…
"La vérité sort de la bouche des enfants." As the common french saying goes.

Truth from the mouths of babes.

LOL, kids are great...
Miguel said…
It's all social norms. Kids in Amsterdam in the winter wouldn't say anything remotely like that. Crazy is relative.
Sally said…
As the song goes "the trouble with normal is it always gets worse"...Keep on biking!