First Green...First Signs of Spring

This took me by surprise today. It was a beautiful day--the nicest yet. The sun was shining and about 50F. It seems like I haven't seen sun like this in a very long time. Anyhow, it was trash day and as I put the can at the curb I thought I'd rake a few leaves and other debris that was hidden under the recently melted snow. And there it was...the first signs of spring. A large leek that I didn't pick last years was coming up again, and multitudes of chives were pushing up through the still-cold soil. I love the Italian word for Springtime...Primavera, or First Green. This truly is the first green of the year and it looked beautiful. What amazes me every year is that these things survive and they know just when to come back. I mean really, these plants have shallow roots and grow way above the soil's frost line, yet they survive year after year. And they know just when the time is right to push through the soil and reach for the sun. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs and it's little things like this that truly strengthen my faith in the Divine. I'm sorry Mr. Darwin, but I do not believe that we are here simply because of a series of refined evolutions (though I do believe that science, evolution, and creation are not only compatible but intertwined). Call it what you will: God, the Divine, Higher Power, or even Quantum Mysticism, but I truly believe that there is a power greater than we can image that is within everything and that we live within It. You only need to look to nature for proof.