I Love This

Image found at Freedom Cyclist.
I'd like to see traffic lights like these in the States.


Look no further than an 8-hour drive southwest from you!

Here is a video I took of riding in NYC a couple weeks back. Note the bicycle traffic signals: http://www.theurbancountry.com/2010/03/biking-big-apple.html
Crap, did I say southwest? I meant southeast.. oops...
Anonymous said…
these are pretty normal here... except in Ostfildern of course: It may delay traffic.
Joe said…
Hi James,

Yes last summer I was in NYC and was really impressed with their bike culture (you can see that post here: http://citysimplicity.blogspot.com/2009/07/new-york-city-bike-culture.html). Though I don't remember seeing the bike stop/go lights...nice.

I enjoy visiting your fine city and you should feel blessed living in such a bicycle-friendly city. I love living in Buffalo (born and raised), but sometimes riding a bike here can be akin to a bloodsport. Even though bikes are finally starting to make some headway, the car is still king.

Thanks for reading.