Thank You, Chef Joyce Goldstein

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I have been a fan of Chef Joyce Goldstein since the first time that I opened the pages of her seminal book, Back to Square One (named after her pioneering restaurant); my copy of the book now sits on a shelf stained and dog eared from years of use and kitchen consultations. And a recent article she wrote for Food Arts Magazine made me love and respect her even more. The article addresses her views of the celebrity chef-centric kitchens of today and their often unnecessary deconstruction of classical dishes. Here's an excerpt:

I am tired of chef creations saying “look at me, see how clever I am, just look at my dazzling technique!” Restaurant dining has become so chef- centric that the experience and pleasure of the diner can get lost in the shuffle for fame, glory and originality

It is truly an excellent article and more timely than ever...someone had to say this. I encourage you to read the rest of the article at her blog, click here for a direct link.

Thank you Ms. Goldstein for writing this article.


Suzy said…
Joe, I've actually eaten at Square One--years ago on a trip to SF with my parents. It was, by far, the best meal of the trip!