100% Full

No I'm not talking about my stomach (being 100% full); though that's not too far off either. I'm talking about the moon. It is, as I type these words, 100% full...couldn't take my eyes off it as I pedaled home tonight (with a table on the back of the bike); lovely night for a bike ride. This is a picture from my rear porch. If you happen to read this tonight I encourage you to step outside and take a gaze; it's beautiful, I think...the same moon reflects equally on you as on me, no matter who you are or where you live or what your circumstances. Breathtaking, really.

But then again, there's always next month.

Urban Simplicity.


John in NH said…
I would except for the fact that ITS FREAKING SNOWING on the other end of the state from you :P

yeah it was chilly riding in and back today, low 40's and wind driven wet snow <_<
Andy in Germany said…
I noticed that last night too, on the way home through the village the moon was making up for gaps in the streetlights.