The Boda-Boda of Uganda

This is a short and truly inspiring documentary about the Boda-Boda (bicycle taxis/couriers) of Uganda and Kenya. The documentary is available in 4 sections, the first being below (the entire documentary is for sale here). To view the remaining 3 sections click here. It was written/directed by Jason Morris, whose mother is a Christian Minister in Uganda. Mr. Morris helps local Ugandans build a better bike to carry people and other items. The entire video is maybe a little over 1/2 hour. I intended on just watching part 1 and ended up watching the entire documentary. I have to admit that my first reaction when watching this film was tinged with I am feeling like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders some days and I own multiple bikes, including the load-bearing Mundo which these bikes resemble, and I also have a truck to drive if I don't feel like pedaling in the rain (My cup runneth over)...sometimes, when I don't remember to appreciate all that I have I feel like a spoiled middle-aged brat. I also found it interesting to watch the Boda-Boda inspect and test the new bike (video 3, I think). Bikes are their livelihoods and they know them intimately. Anyhow, it is a good (and short) documentary...and interesting enough to watch.

To learn more about the Boda-Boda, click here, here, or here.