Chickpea-Turmeric Bread

Yes...another bread experiment. This recipe is proof that you really can make bread out of what is at hand. Ever since I've discovered Ezekiel Bread I've really liked the flavor and texture of adding legumes to bread recipes (click here and here for previous posts on Ezekiel bread...with recipes), thus this is really just a variation of that recipe. In addition to honey and olive oil, I also added a can of rinsed chickpeas straight into the grinding or chopping, just straight in.

I also added a teaspoon of turmeric because it is an incredibly healthy spice. This small amount will not impart much of a noticeable flavor, but it does offer a beautiful yellow color (but the very mild flavor that is present from the turmeric marries perfectly with the chickpeas). The chickpeas, like the grains and beans in Ezekiel bread, mostly mash into the dough during kneading.