It's Different on a Bike

It's different on a just is. Sure you're pedaling and using your own power, but you see things least I do. When I'm in my vehicle I tend to zone out...get comfortable on my car-couch and flip stations on the radio, get annoyed at the person cutting me off or going too slow, put a little more pressure on the gas pedal, you get the picture. But when I'm on my bike I'm free. There is a breeze on my face and in my (ever-thinning) hair and I feel good. I can stop and go as I please and I see things and drive places I wouldn't normally go if I were in my truck. Everyday errands go from drudgery to enjoyment...instead of pushing the gas pedal to get from one destination to another, the trip becomes a bicycle ride with brief stops. This morning, for example, was a beautiful and sunny one...I didn't have to work until 3pm so I went for a relaxing ride with some stops in between (i.e. I did errands on bike), and in the process I managed to log 14 miles on the bike...didn't have to go to the gym today, nor did I burn any fossil fuel (just calories). Here's some of the things I saw along the way (that I most likely wouldn't saw have if I were in my vehicle).

One of the best things, I think, about being on a bike is taking short-cuts (which usually turn into long-cuts); today was a perfect example. After stopping for a coffee at Spot on Elmwood (and carrying it in my groovy cup holder; click here to see it) I took a "short-cut" through beautiful Forest Lawn Cemetery...yes, I think many cemeteries are beautiful; Holy ground...a sort of sanctuary (Pere Lachaise is one of my favorites). I hadn't been through Forest Lawn in a few years and was looking for Rick James' grave, the original Super Freak (while I'm not a fan of disco, I did come of age during the early 1980s and he is Buffalo born-and-bred). I found it and stopped for a brief rest while I sipped my coffee (it's also where I snapped the photo of the truly inspiring photo of the statue above).

After visiting a hardware store and supermarket (and loaded up the Mundo) I headed home, taking another short-cut through Delaware Park. I pedaled up the curly bridge and at the top stopped to look at the below vista (can you believe this is in the middle of a city?).

After arriving back to Allentown, I took yet another short-cut through the side and rear of St. Louis Church on Main Street. Before going down the side entrance I stopped at the front and as usual was in awe (I never tire of this view).
Would I have seen these things in a car? Doubtful. Would I have driven past them? Maybe. But I certainly would not have been as inspired. If I were in a car I would have had a radio to listen to, but I didn't need one on my bike because while I pedaled the sound of Rick James whistled through the air..."she's a super freak...super freak...she's super freaky..." (click here to watch the video).

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