New U.C.C. Video Message

I've mentioned in past posts (or at least alluded to) that I am a member of Pilgrim-St. Luke's United Church of Christ (click here to go to our can see me standing on the right with my son). It is, I think, a radically liberal denomination (click here and here), and for that reason I am proud to be part of it. Last year, as part of their God is Still Speaking ministry, the U.C.C. launched a series of television commercials that were somewhat controversial, especially the bouncer and the ejector commercials (click here and here to see them). Today the U.C.C. has released this introspective internet-only video message called the Language of God. It's not quite two minutes long but it's moving. Click here to see it at it's original location.
Urban Simplicity.


Anonymous said…
This is a bit of a problem for us at the moment. Theologically, most of the time, we'd probably be considered 'evangelicals'... er... sort of. Except that we don't fit because we are clearly living in a 'green' way and that's only what 'liberals' do. And I don't really fit into a typical evangelical worship time. But I don't find mayslf able to fit with 'liberal' theology. But then, I think a lot of 'conservative evangelicals' are a bit liberal when it comes to the poor, and 'just wars', or destroying creation, and simple living.

So here we are. Theologically (sort of) 'conservative', in lifestyle mostly 'liberal' and trying to get out of both labels. Now I just say I'm fascinated with Jesus Christ and I want to follow him and love people. What comes after that? Ask him.

It'd be nice not to be swimming against the flow sometimes, but it seems most of the people who tried or try to follow God end up outside all the boxes...
Joe said…

My sentiments also. Sometimes I think swimming against the current is the only direction to go...and being outside the box can be a scary but invigorating place indeed. Thanks for your honest comments.