A Quick Note On The Mundo Side-Stand

Stands for cargo bikes are an essential component. And if I had to sum up my thoughts about this side-stand (or kick-stand) I could say it in one simple statement: I am impressed.

On my v1 Mundo I had a bi-pod stand, which worked good but not great...the bike could sometimes fall over if fully loaded. The side-stand comes as a standard component with the v3 Mundo, and for this reason I thought I would order a stand alone kickstand. Well, the stand alone kickstand is (still) not available, and I will most likely purchase one when it is...but I gotta say the single side stand is working pretty well for the time being (but it is a little awkward at times loading the bike while it is at a slight angle).

Any other Mundo owners out there with thoughts on this...do you own another type of stand?


John R said…
I too have had my eye on the Yuba stand alone and have been waiting for it to come available. I got tired of waiting- well not really- I had a mometary lapse of reason and bought a Rolling Jackass stand. I emailed back and forth with Val Kleitz, sent him photos and drawings, and he worked up his first V3 Mundo centre stand. So I have the prototype. It arrived in the mail today- perhaps this weekend I will offer it up to the Mundo. I think the only downside of it is the cost- but it will all be worth it when I have 176 pounds of chicken feed on the Mundo and pull that little lever and rock the Mundo back into stability.
I also have a Kona Ute with a stock bipod. Its ok, but not the best if you are really loading the bike up.
I was looking at your front rack. I liked the idea of the one Yuba offered, but elected to go with a Gamoh front rack which I have ordered via my local bike shop. I think having struts down to the bottom of the fork like the Gamoh or Cetma transfers the load down in a better fashion that cantilevering it off of the headtube like Yubas- but there are pros to the Yubas too. I love what Yuba is doing for the bike............
Dr C. said…
I got the Hebie Bipod with my V2 Yuba. Its great for loading on panniers or to support and unloaded bike but I don't find it wide enough for proper loading stability. I have been keeping an exe out for side leaning kickstancs which attach to the chainstay of a normal bike so I could put one onto each siderail of the Yuba.
Joe said…
Thanks Guys, for your comments.

I've thought of different ways of holding up heavy loads (I like the idea of kickstands mounted on side-rails...let me know if it works). I've also toyed with the idea of the Rolling Jackass...but I just can't get past the price, no matter how well it works. I'm sure, though, that the RJA is probably the best, albeit most expensive option. Maybe the stand alone will prove worthy (if it ever get on the market).