R.I.P. Rose Gray

I just learned the sad news that the chef and restaurateur Rose Gray passed away few days ago. She was chef and co-owner of the River Cafe in London. Amongst the many cooks that have gone through her kitchen the most famous is probably Jamie Oliver...who was just a young lad when he worked for her before he became such a celebrity. I never met her, nor have I been at her restaurant, but her cooking has nonetheless influenced me. She was, I believe, a successor to the long line of great female English cooks and food writers such as Elizabeth David (who, quite literally, changed the way I cook and think about food and food writing). R.I.P. Rose, and thank you for your contributions to the culinary field.

To read her obit in the London Guardian, click here; in the London Telegraph, click here; in the New York Times, click here; and finally, to read a story remembering her life in the Economist, click here.