Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#153)

A plastic crate.
2 lb.s of onions.
3 pears.
2 lbs. of carrots.
A can of crushed tomatoes.
A rope of kielbasa sausage.
A head of bananas.
5 lbs. of bread flour.
27 tools in a canvas bag.
2 new t-shirts in a plastic bag.
A u-lock.
A malfunctioning thermal coupler
A cup of coffee.
A bottle of water.

Urban Simplicity


Andy in Germany said…
I really do like the new Black Mundo...
Joe said…
Hi Andy,

It really is a great bike. I can actually ride distances on this version. Going from v1 to v3, skipping a generation, is like night and day. Today I did some errands and rode a little over 20 miles (32km) without problem. Thanks for commenting.