Video Poem To Biking

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I love this. And no that is not a caricature of me on one of my bikes (but I do have a coffee cup holder on my Mundo).  This is a short video put out by the somewhat new org, People for Bikes. The video (poem) is narrated by a young girl who states all the reasons she rides. My favorite line is in the beginning: If I ride I will know the way the trees smell after the rain (I'm probably paraphrasing, but it's true). I love how they show people of all ages on all sorts of bikes, including many cargo bikes; showing that bikes are a viable mode of transport for everyone, not just an elite few, and most definitely not only for people who cannot afford to own a car. It's a conscious decision to ride a bike when you have other options; this short clip echoes these sentiments. Click here to see the video at it's YouTube location; click here to go to the People for Bikes website (don't forget to sign their pledge)

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