Jason the High Rider (and bike builder)

I've been meaning to post these pictures for about a week. They're of a fellow biker that I seem to run into somewhat frequently. I posted about him previously on this blog (click here) when I was walking one winter night and saw him and a friend riding tall bikes. I also mad reference to him in a Buffalo Spree article (click here). He not only builds these crazy bikes, he rides them too. And I thought I was bike-eccentric riding a bike that's 7 feet long...his tall bike is probably seven feet tall.

Anyhow, I was on my way home from the Bike Blessing a week or so ago and had my camera on me when I saw him and a friend pedaling this crazy side-by-side tandem down Elmwood Avenue. This thing is so loaded with gadgets it seems almost sarcastic...as if it is a parody of a car or something.  Here's a few photos: A hand crank telephone complete with old-fashioned ringer, a fully functioning retro CB radio, a rear LED flashing sign (that said "Your Ad Here" and functioning turn signals, and best of all was the battery operated air pump (which he turned on and asked I needed air in my tires).

This is too cool. Thanks Jason...ride on (and keep building)!

To visit his blog, click here.

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