Crop Rotation...Bike Rotation

Every year when I plant my vegetable garden it is just a new experiment. It all started about 20 years go when I pushed a few seedlings into the moist ground and watered them...and to my surprise they grew. I've been hooked ever since. I try to do something new every year. This year I purposefully planted things closer than recommended to ward off weeds (I read an article that this supposedly works). I also did concious crop rotation (I say this toungue-and-cheek because my garden is very small). The past few days have been hot and sunny and as usual I am truly amazed at how things have visibly grown...the vine in the foreground growing up the wire cage is from yesterday...that's when I placed the cage around the green bean plant. Amazing.

I also did a bit of bike rotating...I finally fixed the flat on my little Dahon folder and used it to do tons of errands today....logged about 20 miles and my truck stayed put. I can't believe it has taken me something like 3 months to change the tire on this (mostly because I've been having so much fun on the Mundo). Anyhow, I went from riding my really long bike to my really short bike in a day...what a difference. If the Mundo is a bike version of a SUB then the folder is most definitely a sports car...I forgot how quick and zippy this thing is.

Best comment I've heard in a while: someone who often sees me on the Mundo saw me on the Dahon today and asked me if I washed my bike and it shrunk. That still brings a smile to my face.

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