Password Stupidity

Is it just me or has the whole password thing gotten way out of control? I mean really. I long for the pre-password days...but I guess these are a sign of the (electrontic) times in which we live. Here's an example of my password day today:

Just before I left work I logged on to my work email account, which required a password. Shortly thereafter I arrived home, logged on to my home email, which required a password. Then I stopped at the health club, which required my membership number to enter and my combination lock for the locker. On the way home I stopped at the local food co-op which required not only my membership number but also my debit card pin number at the register. After dinner I did some on-line banking which required three passwords to log on, then I logged onto my blog and Facebook, which of course both required passwords.

I'm not sure how many times that adds up to that I needed a password, membership number, or pin number because it is too exhausting to count. At one point, when I was at the health club and fresh out of the shower and dripping wet I just stood there staring at my lock...drawing a blank. Thankfully I remembered the combination. I think my next purchase will be a lock with a key. I'm tired.


2whls3spds said…
Wait until they want you to change your password every 30 days and it cannot be the last 3 you have used for that purpose! I get royally PO'd at the bank and my work email/server accounts on a regular basis for this stunt. Yes I understand it is for "security". Funny part is I have had several drafts on my bank account that were not caused by my lack of security but by the clearing houses.