Ride A Bike!

This is an inspiring video by John Burke, president of Trek bikes. I first came across this when I was contemplating putting a 1world2wheels widget on this blog...then I realized that I already do most of the things they suggest (not all, but most...I did drive my truck yesterday...first time in nearly 3 weeks). Then as I was watching the video, which I encourage you to do (if you don't already ride a bike this will probably make you get on one), I was thinking how Trek (along with many "mainstream" bikes) doesn't really carry a bike that I would want to ride, let alone purchase (though my winter bike--the mule--is an old Trek). Then I came across this bike, the Trek Transporter, designed by Gary Fisher...excellent. Another example of how I believe that longtails are the bikes of the future, or more specifically, the present.


John said…
Wow- this is the first I have heard of the Trek. So now we have longtails from Kona and Trek. Just a fad? I hope not. Not ready to trade my Mundo in however!
Dr C. said…
The big munfacturers usually have a few practical models in addition to the vast majority of their bikes which are aimed at the "sport" part of the market. It seems self-defeating to me to promote their bikes mostly as sports equipment, surely there is a bigger market of people who need a way to get from here to there rather than wanting to be an amateur road racer or mountain biker.
Joe said…

No I am not ready to trade in my Mundo yet either (I enjoy it too much and still think it may be the best on the market, especially in it's price range)...but the Trek bike is pretty cool.

Mr. C,

Yes, I agree. And it's a shame U.S. companies don't proliferate the market with more practical bikes. Hopefully they will eventually.