Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#179)

$72.63 in groceries from the local food co-op.

Urban Simplicity.


Dr C. said…
How do you find the Mundo rides with all that cargo on the top of the rack? Mine tends to handle better when the bulk of the weight is on the sideloaders or in conventional panniers. Still, its always good to show people you pass by what they are missing out on by shopping in a car.
Joe said…
With a load like this (groceries) it handles fine. But I agree with you, especially regarding heavier items, that it handles better with the weight on the side loaders. In retrospect, for example, I really would have been better off loading the paving stones (previous post) down low. I am considering purchasing these running boards for more support and loading capabilities:

But I also have to admit that the top deck is just so convenient, especially when it has a couple soda crates attached...and it is fun to show off what you can carry on a bike :)

BTW...I added a link to you're blog in my sidebar. My apologies that it took so long.
Dr C. said…
Those running boards look quite good, I have been toying with the idea of trying to make a few myself with the jigsaw and if it doesn't go well I will spring for the running boards.

Thanks for the blog link BTW :)