Tortellini alla Giardino

This is a simple recipe that is only partially true to it's is not entirely alla giardino (from my garden), but there are a few things. Mainly, I've had a Swiss chard plant that grows back almost as fast as I eat it (there are worse problems), and the basil is already in full swing. Unfortunately tomatoes and peppers are not ready yet for sauce (ahh, the anticipation). And as I've done on other sticky days this year...I cooked this under the canopy of a grapevine in the backyard to keep from heating up my teeny kitchen (I get enough kitchen heat on-the-job). Anyhow, this is an exceedingly easy recipe to prepare, and ingredients can be substituted to suit your taste. Here it is in pictures Click any photo for a larger view).


These are all the great food with a combination of fresh vegetables,salads and much more. This food is tantalizing and ignite the taste-buds for sure.