Where's Tony?

Photo found here.

In the event that you don't know who Tony Hayward is, he is the CEO of British Petroleum...you know, the company that is currently responsible for the worst ecological disaster in history (but then again, aren't we all a little responsible?). That's him sitting in the middle of the photo above. And no, this is not a picture of him in the gulf working tirelessly to stop this thing. Where is he, you may ask? He's on his yacht at a race near the Isle of Wight. Now this may seem harsh for me to be so critical, after all his job is stressful as it is...and this only makes it worse...maybe he needs a break, right? Wrong. I'm sorry, but I don't feel that way. He should be working tirelessly, day-and-night, to stop this thing. Maybe he knows something we don't. Thanks for the confidence, Tony...but I'm still really concerned and scared...even if you're not.


Dr C. said…
Sadly this is just how current capitalism works. The higher up you get the greater your share of the spoils in return for comparatively little work. The usual justification is that the extra money is because of the extra responsibility, but at his level that just means making an insincere public apology, "resigning" and fading out of the public eye on a final salary pension. It makes me glad I consume comparatively little oil, mostly indirectly. But you are right, we all have a share of the blame for this kind of thing as the price of our lifestyle. It's a shame it doesn't get more people thinking along these lines.
joe said…
I also read today that if this situation is not corrected (i.e., the oil hole is not plugged) it has the potential to spew oil into the ocean for at least 2 years, but maybe as many as 4.