Big Guy on a Trike

I was walking down Elmwood Avenue today (yes, believe it or not I choose to walk rather than ride a bike) when I saw this guy coming at me on the sidewalk. I had my camera with me so I snapped a picture. He saw me take his picture, nodded, then rode past me doing like a mile-and-hour. Then I snapped the second photo. He looked really content as he passed. I know it is not my imagination that I have been seeing more people than ever before on bikes this summer...awesome. Ride on big guy, ride!


Jim said…
Hi Joe - I've been meaning to leave a comment for a while now just to let you know I like your blog. I'm similarly "car-lite"... I have a car, but I commute and do much of my shopping by bike. So, I always enjoy your "things I carried on my bike" posts.

Anyway, there's an elderly fellow in my town (Binghamton) who rides a trike like this. I shared a lane with him for the first time recently: I zipped passed him on my bike, and then he caught up with me at an intersection... which is what I often enjoy doing to cars in city traffic. So, it was amusing to have the tortoise-and-hare tables turned on me!

Joe said…
Hi Jim,

Thanks for reading and commenting. I've been through Binghamton quite a few times though not in some years...I went to school down-state and would often pass through on my way back from Buffalo. Nice blog, btw, and thanks for the link. The next time I update I'll add a reciprocal link.